History & Management

Note Printing Australia (NPA) has been producing Australian banknotes for virtually a century.

NPA, as it is now more commonly known in the industry, evolved from the original print works established by T.S. Harrison to produce Australia's first circulating banknote series in 1913.

The company's focus, since inception, has been to generate 'security products' of the highest quality. This philosophy continues today as NPA works with its customers to provide innovative high quality banknotes, passports and security solutions.

NPA is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of Australia and has its own Board of Directors and Executive Committee.




Board Members

Michele Bullock
28 October 2010
Appointed Chair - 20 December 2010

Keith Hall
10 November 2008

Lindsay Boulton
18 February 2009

Michelle McPhee
28 January 2011

Heather Ridout AO
15 November 2012


Executive Committee Members


Malcolm McDowell
Chief Executive Officer

Peter Stegner
Head of Financial Services

Neil Sanders
Head of Technical Services

Alan Fahy
Head of Risk & Compliance





Ashley Hannon
Head of Passports Business & Security

Val Renton
Head of Human Resources

Peter Ballas
Head of Operations

Nuwan Kalpage
Head of Commercial Services